Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

There is never a better time to keep a relationship sexy and fresh than during the holidays. This is especially true for Christmas, a time when your inner vixen has the opportunity to come out and run wild. Exploring dirty Santa gift ideas in order to discover what you and your partner would enjoy is an excellent method in keeping the bedroom spicy and making sure you get lucky.

Think about your partner’s personality type.

Sounds about as unsexy as it can get, doesn’t it? But think of it this way – by putting thought into your other half’s personality, you’ll be able to figure out what they’ll not only appreciate most, but also respond best to. Chances are, if you’re in the stage of a relationship, casual or not, where you feel comfortable enough to look up dirty Santa gift ideas, you’re at least a little smitten in getting it right. So, why not go all out? Consider what may work best with the following types of partners:

  • Spontaneous. If your boo likes surprises, take her out of this world. Come up with something clever that will keep her off her guard and give her something to day dream about for weeks to come.
  • Romantic. On the other hand, maybe things are a little bit more sensual and demand a personal touch. Just because it’s sappy doesn’t mean it also doesn’t have to be naughty. Set up an evening for two which treats her to the kind of romance she deserves. Most likely, you’ll be rewarded with the kind of night you’re in need of.
  • Casual. Involved with someone, but both of you are interested in keeping it casual? Makes no difference, because dirty Santa gift ideas works with all realms of relationships. While the more meaningful things can be left behind, playing it casual means you have the opportunity to keep things light hearted and fun, exploring avenues that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to.

Don’t get stuck in the material part of things.

It’s important to keep in mind that dirty Santa gift ideas are just that – ideas. Get creative, use your imagination, and come up with something outside of the box that could take your partner by surprise (if they’re into that type of thing). You could set up a role play of sorts and explore the naughtier sides of yourselves. Don’t be afraid to make your gift something which culminates in more than a physical product. Remember that memories are oftentimes just as sexy as material things and, not to mention, they last a lifetime.

Remember to indulge in all five senses.

Having trouble coming up with something different, yet sexy? The beautiful thing about the human body is its ability to feel pleasure in all of our five senses. Keep this in mind when you’re mulling over which dirty Santa gift ideas will work best for you and your partner. Remember the five main senses: vision, taste, hearing, smell, and touch. Find a way to incorporate just a few (or maybe even all!) of these in what you choose to spoil your partner with.

Most importantly, have fun with it. The holidays only come around once a year and it’s time for you to indulge in the wild side of your dirty Santa gift ideas. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Explore your options and come up with something your partner will never forget. Venture outside of your comfort zone as much as you are willing to and you may be surprised about what you can discover when your guard is naturally let down.

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